Our Company has the neccessary regrisations to the biggest public sale chains, our clients may proclaim  the registration( access) code free of charge (Copart, IAAI,Manheimautoauction, Salvagedirect, Salvagenow). You can find further information in the Shipping menu point, also the Car sales can be found there..

The shipping of the Paid and Purchased products(stock) arrvies to our base. Our Bases cn be found in 3 different Cities, from where we ship (send) the containers to Europe.

-      Houston

-      Miami

  The base depends on which point is the Purchased car near to, with this, reducing the cost of the shippment.


Following of the Shipment

Throught the years we've been Struggeling with this question of, where is our product heading, Though we tried to get in contact with the sender, the dfference beetween the expected and the reallity arrival was several days, even weeks. We came up with (worked out) a system were the client is updated daily and free of charge on the status of the shipment. The mainpoint of the system is that the client recives notifications day to day through e-mail  regarding the status and information of the shipment.. This is a Automatic service, the only thing that needs to be done is to registar on our webpage and the name of the product. A confirmation is sent as soon as the shipment arrives to our company, following this, notications of the steps that are being taking will be sent. If any changes are taking or made, even if the status doesn't change, Our Klients will be notified of the reasons why.

Certainly the status can also be followed on our website (webpage), and if any questions or concerns arrose feel free to contact our colleagues, who are more then happy to Help or give any information.


Custom Clearance 

The EU Custom Clearance  happens in Holland, even if the shipment doesn't happen to Budapest, and to another European harbour, or if the shipment is handled by a different company, we still handle the administrations. In any Case we recommend Custom Clearances  in Rotterdam, because its fast, flexible and through our experience its less expensive.

The following Documents are required for the Custom Clearance:

-      Title Copy -

-      Bile of Loading

-      Invoice

-      Authorisation 

-      ID

-      if the custom clearance from the company, then the company’s papers are needed



Shipping – From the US to he nearest base approx. 60Cents/ mile.

Shipping to Hungary:

-      Car: $2,000

-      Pickup: $ 2,500

-      Motor: From $ 600-

-      Boat: Up to 20ft can be shiped in a container   from $2,800 -

-      Quad/Jetski  $750

-      Parts: accourding to engagment

-      Boxes  $1.70 / kg

-      Furniture $6 / cubic feet

Custom clearance:/ in Netherland/

-       Car: 10%

-       Motor: 6%

-       Boat: 3%

-       Parts: 10%

-       Truck: /diesel/ 23%

-       Truck /gasoline/ 18%

-       Tax:

-       Individual Person 21%

-       Company 0%


Oldtimer Cars /build after 30 years/ custom duty 0%. The Individual people have to pay the 19% custom duties.

If specific car is being purchased, you can calculate the exect amount under the shipping menupoint.

Are prices are informaited only.

Do  to the database update the prices might slitly differ.

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